How to See Us

With a physician referral:

We can schedule your physical therapy evaluation with a referral from any physician, regardless of the prescription on which the referral is written. In Wyoming, physical therapists may accept referrals from the following practitioners: physicians (MDs or Dos), Physician assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors.

Without a physician referral:

In Wyoming, you may see a physical therapist without a referral. Some insurance companies may require a referral to pay for services. With the proper information, we can contact your insurance company to clarify their policy, although, ultimately, is your responsibility to know your insurance benefits. If Medicare is your insurance, you may see a physical therapist for an evaluation without a referral, but you cannot proceed with physical therapy care until your physician signs the physical therapy plan of care. Call us if you have more questions.

  • Review Our Notice

    Please review information on our practice and our Privacy Practice Notice.

  • Fill Out the Patient Intake Packet

    Please fill out the Patient Intake Packet before your scheduled appointment.


  • Bring Your ID Card

    Bring your photo ID, insurance cards, and a referral if you have one.

  • What To Expect

    Read below for more information on what to expect for your first appointment.

Your first physical therapy visit will usually last 45-60 minutes.  It  will include a thorough physical therapy evaluation that includes an interview about your particular problem and how it is affecting your abilities.  It will also include  a clinical examination, a discussion of your physical therapy plan, and possibly initial treatment interventions.

You should arrive 15-20 minutes early for your first appointment. Please use the Intake Forms link and fill out your paperwork at home.  You will need to bring photo identification and your insurance cards if applicable.


Feel free to visit our FAQ page for more information as well.

Contact us to set up an appointment.